The Secretary of the RPCSA

Reformed Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa

With warm Christian greetings to each one of you.
This is the eighth Genera l Assembly of the RPCSA after it has resurrected from the grave. I wish to congratulate the commissioners for the distance we have travelled so far.
The churchmanagement counts on you for the achievements we have been able to receive since the launch in Butterworth in 2004. The stronger you are spiritually and mentally the stronger the church will be spiritually , financially and materially.
The Commissioners must always remember that they are carrying the trust of those who have elected them to be their representatives at the General Assembly which is the highest decision making body of our church . They must make their Kirk Sessions and
congregations proud not to regret the monies for travelling and provision they pay for them. This puts a challenge to each one of us to see to it that each and every decision that the General Assembly makes is well thought and correct to take our church another step

The General Assembly relies on its committees in its endeavours to drive the church forward .These committees must gather information and make recommendations to the GA so that it deliberates and takes decisions. This means that we need commissioners,
who are not lazy to do their work .We do not need commissioners who have a spirit of 'l don't care '. We don 't need commissioners who come to the General Assembly to admire the beauty of their shoes instead of making constructi ve contribution to Assembly
debates. It is alwa ys appreciated when people ask questions when they do not understand and when people share ideas on each and every matter that is on the table.

Therefore commissioners are kindly requested to read the General Assembly papers before they sleep on Friday so that they have something constructive to contribute when a committee convenor is presenting a report. Study the reports and prepare your
contribution in order to help the GA to make correct and well thought decisions.
Commissioners who are not serious about their work do not read the GA papers and do not participate in the deliberations as well. This type of attitude does not help the church at all.

I hope that this General Assembly will have constructive debates characterised by a full participation of every one in a good spirit. All of us must roll our sleeves and build this church. We are few we have no space for back sliders, we need everyone's ideas.
May God Almighty shower His Blessings upon you and give you more energy to work hard in this church for His cause.
Thank you
Yours in Christ
Rev ZE Futshane (General Secretary) 20/06/2011